Multilingual FMEA Management


Robust Manufacturing Suite enables to manage different working languages (multilingual FMEAs) according to your needs to be consistent with your work from one site to another, for example, from an R&D site to different production sites.

It perfectly meets requirements of production management at the international scale.

Robust Manufacturing Suite provides as many languages as necessary within every single study for every file – database. Multilingual management is done at two different levels:

  • software interface and messages, generally in French, English or German,
  • contents of the studies, libraries and print layouts changed to the local language of the site using FMEA study or documents: Control Plans, Workplace Safety Instructions, etc.

Thanks to the traceability function, it is very easy to extract the data that have not been translated to hand to a translator and to incorporate it back later.
During working sessions, direct access to versions in different languages can be very useful to check the right understanding of the translation.

miniature-video-faureciaSee the testimonial of Faurecia Mecanisme on international operating of FMEA studies, CP, etc


 Process FMEA Software – Control Plan – Process Flowchart
Control Range Work Instructions – Special Characteristics (SC)
Multiple-Site and Multilingual FMEAs

Published on 2016-12-06

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