Action Plan for FMEAs and Production

Gestion de plan d'action AMDEC Process et plan de surveillance

Included into Robust Manufacturing Suite, FMEA Action Plan Management is the pillar of continuous improvement of Quality in Manufacturing.

It enables to reduce risks criticality in FMEA by diminishing the occurrence AND/OR detection rating.

Plan, Do, Check, Act!

The basics of the Action Plan FMEA are the following:

  • Every action is assigned to one single person and has an implementation deadline.
  • The actions follow-up is carried out at regular intervals by an FMEA leader or project manager in order to ensure convergence and measure possible discrepancies.
  • The efficiency of the actions is validated by measuring the difference to the initial situation.
  • The involvement of every pilot is significant as he/she contributes to the analysis from the starting point all through FMEA procedure.

How to PILOT Manufacturing Actions?

Robust Manufacturing Suite includes an action management tool. Every action can be assigned to one or several lines of the FMEA chart (or failure causes):

  • Therefore, it is possible to optimise actions and create synergies even within the action plan.
  • The follow up is rationalised for the FMEA group leader or pilot.
  • A simple query allows you to sort out the actions by the person in charge or the deadline.
  • A summary report prioritises actions by project risk (RPN), progress status and convergence.
  • The listing of the actions is disclosed by email (or converted to Excel or PDF) to the pilots affected by the updates.
  • It is possible to activate connection with the centralised action plan management system, for example, with HLP Web.

Action Plan Management Documents

The software provides documents by default, but they can also be customised according to your needs and working habits.


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