Configuration et architecture logiciel AMDEC

Robust Manufacturing Suite can be adapted to all your configuration and IT architecture requirements:
single licence, local network, global network, offline mode.

Configuration, IT Architecture and Licences

logiciel-reseauNetwork licencing allows you to equip as many computers as necessary and only pay for the relevant number of simultaneous accesses (“floating” licences), both for the local network (LAN) of a site, and global network (WAN), for example, via Terminal Server or Citrix. It provides optimal functioning, including sharing libraries and generics as well as their capitalisation.
An «offline» mode is also available for working off-line, for example while travelling or on the non-equipped sites, and synchronising data when connected again to the company network. Single licences are generally used by FMEA facilitators, consultants, etc.

Retrieving Your Data

Import/export to/from Excel by simple drag&drop allows you quick start from your Excel data. Flat fee packages for the resumption of the existing data are also available at very affordable prices.

Your References: FMEA and Quality in Manufacturing

Robust Manufacturing Suite is based on the proven methodology; chosen by more than 75% of our customers, but it can be completely customised to take into account your processes and working habits as well as to incorporate your synthetic and communication documents. This adaptation is a configuration within the tool carried out by our experts, the software remaining standard as for all our customers.


Process FMEA SoftwareControl PlanProcess Flowchart
Control Range Work InstructionsSpecial Characteristics (SC)
Multiple-Site and Multilingual FMEAs

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