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Control Plan is a document enabling to implement a manufacturing process strategy regarding a product or a set of products.

Initiated by Process FMEA, it covers manufacturing operations ensuring the production of the product and the quality all along the manufacturing process.

What Format for Control Plan?

By default Robust Manufacturing Suite proposes a formal protocol for your Control Plan in the standard version of the software. However, this is one of the parts that we customise the most to the needs and trade-specific references of our customers: each industry has its own distinctive features, the teams are often trained/used to a certain presentation of the control plan to simplify the transition to the software use and the resulting changes conduct, it is often best to customise the tool other than re-train the production teams. The adjustments are done both on the software interface and print layouts.

How to Share Control Plan / Process Flowchart Data

The process flowchart describes the sequences of manufacturing operations in a visual form with the help of PPE icons:diagramme-de-flux

These operations are thus available to determine the control of the manufacturing process:


One or numerous charts are available on each manufacturing operation, especially to implement the monitoring.

Below is an example of an input chart of the control plan with special characteristics:


Another example of a control plan:


How is Control Plan Built

An automated control plan saves a lot of time comparing to Excel management as it allows you to compile different pieces of information from Process FMEA, special characteristics and general project information:


  • Part 1: Identification of the design characteristics / process parameters
  • Part 2: Way to control the design characteristics / process parameters
  • Part 3: Reference documents – action to implement in case of a problem

The resulting reports (print layouts) can be addressed to at least two kinds of audience:

  • Customers (of the product) to demonstrate the monitoring control level in place
  • Manufacturing workers to describe curent control measures as well as actions to implement in case of a problem



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