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Robust Manufacturing Suite enables you to edit illustrated and simple control range, immediately available for the operators, in their personal working language.

What is Control Range?

The control range or inspection instructions is a document comprising the complete set of characteristics to control before, during or after the manufacturing process. This inspection is usually done by an operator, regulator or the Quality department. In these regards, the control range should be available at the workplace in a paper form or on a display screen for consultation, There are inspection instructions on Design or Process characteristics.
Measurement results can be registered for future statistical analyses (SPC type) or in order to start an immediate reaction scheme: tool change, stopping the machine, maintenance operation…
The Control Range is an operational document situated in the heart of the product compliance management process. For this reason, it is often subject to audits (customer or system of the type IATF 16949:2016) on two possible differences:
• Differences in the control range application.
• Difference in consistency between the upstream documents I.e. control plans and processes FMEA.


How are Control Ranges Managed by Our Software?

Robust Manufacturing Suite enables you to edit illustrated and simple control ranges, immediately available to operators.

  • Thanks to the multilingual management, it is possible to edit them in several languages for different geographical sites.
  • The content of the control range is derived directly from the control plan, thus guaranteeing perfect consistency in creation and updates.
  • Control range editing is also possible for displaying in the workshops
  • The content may also be transferred to the SPC IT systems.


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Multiple-Site and Multilingual FMEAs

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