Logiciel synoptique de fabrication et diagramme de flux

Robust Manufacturing Suite application includes a graphical editor of process flowcharts, customisable to your working habits.

Robust Manufacturing Suite has a special feature for managing process flowcharts allowing you to easily and quickly create process flowcharts with the help of a palette of proposed operation symbols that can be enriched at any moment.


The process flowchart is a presentation and communication document of different process stages. A symbol is assigned to each manufacturing operation enabling to quickly identify its nature, that is the added value of the stage in the product manufacturing process.There are, for example, manufacturing, storage, control or transfer operations.
At one glance, an auditor will be able to understand the sequencing of the operations, have they been done in a series or in parallel.

The process mapping is preliminary work to be done before Process FMEA facilitation. It takes into consideration key information like  special characteristics production

Process FMEA Software  – Control PlanAction Plan for FMEAs
Control Range Work InstructionsSpecial Characteristics (SC)
Multiple-Site and Multilingual FMEAs

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