logiciel amdec process (p-fmea)

Software solution to manage the consistency of your Process FMEA, control plans, special characteristics and process flowcharts.

In accordance with your trade-specific references AIAG or VDA.

Methodological Guide and Standardisation of Process FMEA

Robust Manufacturing Suite guides your teams with the help of different milestone references to insure processes necessary to provide quality in production or Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP): 

  • build tree structures of the operation sequences with process flowchart,
  • complete Process FMEA charts to identify product failure risks resulting from process: process failure modes, effect to the customer, root causes and implemented prevention/detection means.
  • carry out the ranking: frequency (occurrence), severity, (non)-detection,
  • manage at different levels the implementation of preventive actions based on the elements considered critical (single RPN, couple occurrence/severity, or couple severity/RPN).
  • pilot the follow up of special characteristics
  • generate with no effort consistent documents, from FMEAs to control plans and workplace instructions (inspection and work instructions).

FMEA studies will be thus standardised for the whole company and its project teams, insuring better efficiency, easy re-use and enhancing the company’s image vis–à-vis the customers, i.e. potential beneficiaries.

No Stress for Your Audits: Compliance with AIAG and VDA

  • you start new studies with the “right” references and all the resulting charts/documents: by default, the software proposes the AIAG version; a VDA 4 extension is also available. As soon as the AIAG VDA Alignment will be official, our software will evolve.
  • the software enables to manage the links between Process FMEA, control plans, process flowchart, workplace intsructions and special characteristics

Save Time and Capitalise

  • You will be able to create as many libraries of effects, modes, causes, preventive measures, etc. as necessary. These libraries are linked to each other: by using a simple filter, it is possible to view failure modes usually linked to one type of operation or causes usually linked to a certain failure mode, etc. Your studies are run with the same vocabulary, and the rigour is facilitated by these propositions.
  • You will be able to complete and enrich these multilingual libraries at any moment provided you are authorised to do so.
  • Robust Manufacturing Suite offers powerful and simplified management of the generics: either on the complete FMEA study level, or operation by operation, in order to instantly get all the company’s know-how and to use it within each specific study. The generics are enriched automatically, continuously and cumulatively all over different projects, under control of a person in chief to approve the integration.
  • At any moment (by a simple double-click) it is possible to find out where the information contained in every cell comes from (creation, generics,…), who has made the changes and when, It is an innovative principle to trace all the data.

Higher Efficiency and Motivation

  • Possibility to use during your FMEA work group meetings in video-projection on a big screen and not only in retrospect in your reports. At the beginning of your working sessions, with simple click it is easy to identify all the changes made since the last gate (traceability)

Exemple de tableau AMDEC Process

  • switch easily from one customer ranking to another (for example, Renault / PSA) within the same study
  • Generate automatically standardised and consistent summary documents, in a page layout with your logo directly presentable to the customer. We propose different states and can adjust them to your graphic charts for a low cost.(PDF, Word, Excel or HTML format).
  • Depending on the connection profile, the user can directly and immediately access the View: data that only concerns him/her with the appropriate input interface.
  • Tree structure elements are displayed according to a colour code (editable) depending on their criticality thresholds. You can thus instantly target the priority points to work on.
  • Graphic filters, screening tools, access to causes search by 5M diagram, Specific copy/paste function (tree nodes and their related charts), including from one study to another.
  • Connection to the other software of your IT system: action plans, Enterprise Risk Management, Statistical Process Control (SPC), etc.

Control Plan – Process Flowchart – Action Plan for FMEAs
Control Range Work Instructions – Special Characteristics (SC)
Multiple-Site and Multilingual FMEAs

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